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Frosty's Baby Pictures


... So how did a brown tabby and white cat
get a name like Frosty?

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Admittedly, "Frosty" is a rather odd name for a brown tabby and white. When Frosty was born, he was a very odd color: sort of a dingy white all over. (So was his sister Lily, though not as much.) The white fur immediately began growing out, and Frosty's "real" color -- brown tabby and white -- began growing in; by one week of age, he looked like a platinum blonde with dark roots.

Here's a photo of Frosty and his sister Lily at about 8 weeks of age. By this point, the odd white color had grown out enough that I was certain that Frosty was a brown mackerel tabby and white under all that "frost"; but I had completely given up any idea of ever being able to show him. I would have sold Frosty as a pet but for the advice of a friend, Gerrie Bucsko, who convinced me to try showing him  despite his odd coloring, which she felt sure would eventually grow out completely. I'm so glad I took her advice; even though he still had a "dusting" of white on his back and tail, Frosty was "Best of the Best Kitten" at his very first show, at barely four months of age. And, just as Gerrie said, by the time he was an adult all the "frost" had completely disappeared. However, by that time, his "baby name" had irrevocably stuck: when we registered him as Lumberjack, we figured we'd call him Jack for short; but when we tried, we found that we couldn't. Frosty was his name, and that was that.

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