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Pedigree of QGC Pinecoon's Lumberjack, IW
Brown mackerel tabby male born 3/21/96
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Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Sire: TGC Pinecoon's Phoenix Rising
Color: Red Silver Classic Tabby
Br/Ow: Betsy & David Tinney
RW SGC Coonmora's Jesse James
Brown Classic Tabby
IW SGC Coonmora's Fantastic Sam, OS
Brown Classic Tabby
SGC Pawcatuck Jasper Penryn of Coonmora
Brown Classic Tabby & White
CH Coonmora's Fiona
Brown Classic Tabby
QGC Cowtown's Dallas of Coonmora, OD
Brown Classic Tabby
SGC Cowtown's Awesome, OS
Brown Classic Tabby
SGC Cowtown's Shenandoah
Brown Classic Tabby
CH Pinecoon's Long Tall Sally
Silver Classic Torbie
RW SGC Pinecoon's Pink Panther
Red Silver Classic Tabby
Tomeran's J.J. Hardbody
Silver Classic Tabby
CH Le Beau Minu Acadia of Pinecoon
Silver Classic Torbie and White
Purrocious Lady Lucinda of Pinecoon
Blue Silver Classic Torbie & White
CH Heidi Ho Just Plain Bill Katt
Silver Mackerel Tabby
SGC Heidi Ho Sirronde of Purrocious
Silver Classic Torbie and White
Dam: TGC Willowplace Lindy Hop of Pinecoon
Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby & White
Breeder: Barbara Ray
Owner: Betsy & David Tinney
GC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace
Brown Classic Tabby
Coonquest Beaujolais of Hillside
Charmalot King Arthur Pendragon
Catklos Coon Isabella of Coonquesxt
Heidi Ho Danielle Coon of Hillside Heidi Ho Justin Morgan Katt
Heidi Ho Rebecca Katt

Willowplace Lagniappe
Brown Classic Tabby and White

OS SGC Willowplace Starbuck, IW
Silver Mackerel Tabby
SGC Tolkat Mithrandir
SGC Willowplace Lilly Snow
Marimack's Maverique of Willowplace SGC Meunerie Maverick of Marimack
CH Tails End Braunwyn of Marimack

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